Epson PM 225 Compact Photo Printer Review


The best option if you want the highest-quality 4" x 6" prints on the fly.


The Epson PM 225, a fielding by Epson into the compact photo printer market, is a great pickup at its price point. While it does a spectacular job with print quality, the typical shortcomings of a compact printer rear their ugly head with a vengeance. If you simply want a printer that can give you the highest-quality 4" x 6" prints on the fly, there is no better printer for this job currently on the market than Epson PM 225.


  1. Introduction
  2. Product Tour
  3. Performance
  4. Print Speed
  5. Color Performance
  6. Detail Performance
  7. Usability
  8. Controls
  9. Connectivity
  10. Setup & Software
  11. Inks & Media
  12. HP Photosmart A646 Comparison
  13. HP A536 Comparison
  14. Polaroid Z340 Comparison
  15. Conclusion
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