HiTi S400 Dazzle Compact Photo Printer Review


The S400 is on the high end of price as 4-by-6-inch dye sub printers go, but the better design and quality justify the cost.


Compact photo printers come in many shapes and sizes, but for the most part, all dye sublimation printers have the same basic look. Hi-Touch Imaging Technologies, a relatively new Chinese company specializing in dye sub printers, goes for a different design with its whole product line. The S400 Dazzle, a sleek, black model selling for $249, produces 4-by-6-inch prints from a PC, memory card, or camera with the use of a tethered remote control. This six-year-old company has produced a series of good quality compact and larger dye sub printers, and the S400 is among them.


  1. Introduction
  2. Setup / Drivers and Software
  3. Photo Performance
  4. Tour / Components
  5. Design / Interface
  6. Inks
  7. Print Settings / Options
  8. Connectivity
  9. Overall Impressions / Ease of Use
  10. Conclusion
  11. Specs / Ratings