HP A646 Compact Photo Printer Review

A small printer that can handle most of your on-the-fly photo printing needs with notably good performance.

8.0 score Tested by Experts
# of photo printers Product Score This graph shows the HP Photosmart A646’s score compared to other photo printers we tested.


If you're looking for a small printer that can handle most of your on-the-fly photo printing needs with notably good performance, look no further than the HP Photosmart A646. While it doesn't print on the wide range of media that a pro photo printer can, this printer was designed with ease and speed in mind, even able to print from a smartphone if you so desire.

Comparable Products

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  2. Product Tour
  3. Performance
  4. Print Speed
  5. Color Performance
  6. Detail Performance
  7. Usability
  8. Controls
  9. Connectivity
  10. Setup & Software
  11. Inks & Media
  12. Samples
  13. HP A536 Comparison
  14. Epson PM 225 Comparison
  15. Polaroid Z340 Comparison
  16. Conclusion
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HP Photosmart A646

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